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2017 - August
Elmhurst  Sculpture Garden - "The idea for this collaborative community project  came after visual artist Susan Varo approached founder and Executive  Director Yvonne Shortt for the under-served area."

- By Tammy Scileppi

2015 - September
Corona-based artist Susan Varo created her “Art Lives Here” commission in the shape of a dog house.

- By Tammy Scileppi 

2015 - May-July
Varo  said most of what she paints “reflects a specific and special moment in  time before it’s gone, and sometimes, it’s all about the beauty or the  feeling from it.”  And her inspiration comes from the people she meets,  her travels, and images that evoke creativity.
- By Tammy Scileppi 

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2015 - September
Last Saturday, September 19th, the sliver of shaded, grassy turf that’s carved out by the intersection of Justice Ave and 56th Ave in Elmhurst, Queens, was a hotspot for local passerby. What appeared from afar to pedestrians, Queens Center Mall patrons, and the like as a seemingly out-of-place, brightly painted doghouse, was in fact emerging artist Susan Varo’s own unique contribution to the second annual Queens Art  Intervention (QAI).!blog/coh1

- By Danielle Burnham

2015 - August-October
In  fact, Varo is rapidly gaining recognition throughout Brooklyn, as well.  Her series in oil of Michael Jackson portraits, on display at Sanctuary Gallery in Bed-Stuy through the Fall, has generated quite a bit of local interest, and has helped put the gallery on the map.

2015 - May-July
Varo is quickly emerging along the frontier of the Queens art scene.  Recently, pieces from her series Patterns in Nature were featured at the Red Pipe Café, Forest Hills’ own beacon of entrepreneurship and local  supporter of the arts. In Red Dapple, the figure’s mane and tail were  depicted in red, to tie it together with other pieces in the series.!blog/coh1

- By Danielle Burnham 

The Queens Light

Art,  in theory, is a product of the cognitive fluidity of the mind.   Individual interpretations are vast and art is sometime viewed as the  re-creation of life.  When one views art-paintings in this sense he or  she is involuntary, instinctively and instantly involved in  communication, as thought patterns increase to embrace such expression.   For Susan Varo, owner of My Works of Art, LLC, painting has moved from  the background and has taken place as part of her landscape
- James Lisbon 


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